Written in response to a writing prompt from the always amazing Jena Schwartz

Look out the window.

Get to know the river’s waves and the flow, the barges and debris that float by. Notice how it curves, snaking to the east.

Observe the birds gliding by.  Hawks and vultures, crows, soaring.

Don’t look down.

Take a nap if you’re sleepy. Go to bed when you’re tired.

Drink plenty of water.

Take a walk.

Call your friends. Make plans to see them. For coffee, a concert, lunch, dinner, a walk.

Go for a swim.

Visit the library. Walk there.

Read books, actual books, with pages. Notice how they feel.

Eat leafy greens.

Write. With a pen on the smooth pages of your journal.  And by clicking the keys of your laptop. You need both.

Plant zinnias and tomatoes and lettuce at the community garden. Walk there.

Go to museums.

Organize your computer files.

Write your advance directives for health care.

Play with your granddaughter. Walk to the playground.