I’m very excited to share a free Mother’s Day self-guided retreat on birth stories!
Bring Forth Your Birth Story is an invitation to step into your own sacred space and create your unique birth story in a powerful, empowering way.
Download it here:  2016BringForthBirthStory
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IMG_0648[1]I’ve long dreamed of a common language for telling birth stories, a unifying way to share about childbirth as a personal rite of passage regardless of where it takes place, how it unfolds, who is there or how many years since it occurred. Birth in our culture is treated mostly as a medical event, so clinical language often is the mother tongue for describing the experience. Sometimes it’s related as a war story, told with relish and drama, while for other women the process is so distressing as to be silencing. Women who birth without medication or intervention, possibly at home, bring a different vocabulary that may seem foreign, off putting even, to those unfamiliar with it. Their stories can spark difficult emotions in women for whom birth was disappointing or even traumatic.

What if we drew a big wide circle around all mothers and called every single experience just “birth”? Could we metaphorically join hands and create such a circle for ourselves? This mini-retreat hopes to do just that.  Happy Mother’s Day!