Most often, the journey of writing a book and bringing it out into the world is excruciatingly long. There’s early scribbling or journaling, then ugly first drafts followed by rewrites, revisions, copy edits, proofreading—and more.  It can take years, and sometimes, decades. In my case there was another step that began long before I even started journaling: the lengthy process of becoming aware of the latent feelings of sadness and loss that filled my heart and shaped my inner life after I lost my mother as a child.  Gaining this awareness is a big part of what my book, The Art of Reassembly, is about.  To write about it, I first had to confront it.

Now, 51 years later, the journey has come full circle: Today, November 9, The Art of Reassembly has been released by She Writes Press.  I could not be more excited, proud, and—yes—nervous! I’m also deeply grateful to the countless people including my husband, Joe, and my children and siblings who have played a role in the interwoven processes of grieving and writing that brought The Art of Reassembly to life.

Most of all, though, I am looking forward to seeing the book find its way into the hands of readers who will find in it comfort and a sense of community on their own journeys dealing with grief, early mother loss and other poignant losses.

Join me in celebrating!  Buy the book! Raise a glass with me today, wherever you are! And if you’re local, come by my launch event at Joseph-Beth booksellers in Rockwood.  Together we’ll laugh, and cry and honor the new beginning this milestone marks.


[Photo by Carmel Breathnach]