My office is in the Fairfax area, at 5725 Dragon Way, Suite 201, in the Colonial Center Building. Dragon Way is a short loop off Wooster Pike (Rt 50). There are several red brick buildings in a row. Colonial Center is in the middle and the name of the building appears at the top near the roof.

Parking and Access: The front entrance involves a flight of stairs. There is parking directly in front of the building and in the lot across Dragon Way adjacent to the Fifth Third bank. Entering the front, once inside the building, turn left and my space (201) is the last one on the left. Parking (including designated handicap spaces) is also available in the back and is usually plentiful, with only two steps into the building, and there’s an elevator. Entry to the rear parking is alongside the building on the right as you face it. From the back, take the elevator to the second floor and head down the hallway to the right.