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Peg Conway - Energy Therapy
I help you create inner calm in the face of any storm.
Office Location:Colonial Center Building
5725 Dragon Way, Suite 201
Cincinnati, OH 45227

Peg Conway's studio, with table, pillow, blanket and artwork
Healing Touch uses light or near-body touch while you lie fully clothed on a table or sit in a chair, to create inner calm when . . .


. . . a diagnosis or a loss or any other transition alters your life and maybe your sense of self too. Remember, even happy events can be anxiety producing (i.e. new baby, new job, moving). Taking time to process emotion fosters peace of mind.


. . . you’re a caregiver or parent, a helping professional or volunteer, a leader, or an activist, and the work makes you exhausted and perhaps anxious at times. Caring for yourself is essential to sustain your service.


. . . you’re in cancer treatment or have had surgery or are injured, as a complement to medical care. When you relax, you have less pain and can recover faster. In fact, several hospitals in Cincinnati (as well as around the country) offer Healing Touch to patients.

What is Healing Touch? It’s based on an unseen but palpable field of energy that surrounds and permeates our bodies. You may have heard of chakras and meridians and auras. These terms all relate to this field of energy that creates and reflects our state of wellness.

I know, it sounds a bit woo-woo, but think about it this way: Have you ever come out of an intense meeting or conversation and thought, “I’m so drained.” Or, on the flip side, how do you feel after a walk in the woods or lunch with a good friend – refreshed, ready for anything? Those responses reflect your energy.

Healing Touch is simply a more intentional way to clear and balance our energy, to open up our body’s innate self-healing potential. It creates deep relaxation that loosens muscle tension and increases blood flow so that more oxygen and nutrients are reaching our cells and more toxins are being released, which relieves stress and anxiety, strengthens immunity, and supports overall well-being.

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