Hope Edelman’s groundbreaking Motherless Daughters book turns 30 this year, and I’m hosting a three-part Zoom discussion series in honor of the anniversary. When this book came out in 1994, I had two children under 3 and was in the throes of excavating long held but unrecognized grief from my mom’s death when I was 7. There have been two revised editions published since then, and now I’m a motherless grandmother.

The anniversary inspires my curiosity. What will this material say to me now, especially about my younger self? If I’ve learned anything over the past three decades, it’s that grieving early mother loss changes but never leaves, so I expect it will be a fruitful revisit.

I hope you’ll join! Each session will cover one of the book’s main sections. You don’t have to attend all sessions to participate, but sessions will not be recorded. Here are the dates and topics for each session.


June 2 — “Loss” (Ch 1-4)
June 9 — “Change” (Ch 5-8)
June 23 — “Growth” (Ch 9-12)

Time: 1:00 pm EDT (10 am PT/noon CT/6:00 pm UK)

Email pegconway@gmail.com by June 1 to receive the Zoom link, if you’re not already on the Healing Power of Stories book club list.