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Peg Conway - Paths to Healing

I’m a writer and motherless daughter who digs deep to uncover personal truth. I ask a lot of questions. I listen to my body to understand my emotions. I follow threads of curiosity. These same qualities also led me to become an energy healer. Now I offer both as paths to healing for others, to support grieving and living.

My memoir of early mother loss and lifelong grieving, The Art of Reassembly, explores how the past always informs the present, the healing potential of self-compassion, and the importance of remembering those we have lost.

After my mom died of breast cancer when I was 7, my family’s silence about grief and resolute carrying on led me to bury my sadness until one day in my twenties, a sudden accident jars it loose, sending me on a journey to find my mom again and finally heal.

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“Motherless daughters acquire a very specific wisdom at an early age, and Peg Conway knows this well. The Art of Reassembly is her poignant exploration of how the early loss of her mom reverberated throughout her life. In this beautifully crafted memoir, Conway takes readers on her journey of reconnection as we watch her ‘graft myself back to that original branch’. She speaks for so many of us on these pages.”

Hope Edelman, NYT best-selling author of Motherless Daughters

“A brave and beautifully written memoir that shows anyone who has lost a parent as a child how to move forward, even decades later. By sharing her moving search for healing and answers, Peg Conway gives the reader the best gift of all: wisdom.”

Michael Hainey, NYT best-selling author of After Visiting Friends

“Peg Conway has written a memoir sure to resonate with those who experienced the death of a parent as a child. Many will recognize themselves as the ‘Responsible Girl’ and relate to the painful secondary losses that a death sets in motion. Peg brings to life the challenges and needs of grieving children and helps create much-needed awareness by sharing her own story so bravely.”

Vicky Ott, MA, LPCC-S; Executive Director of Fernside: A Center for Grieving Children

The Art of Reassembly teaches readers how to pick up the pieces in the aftermath of grief and have self compassion along the way. If you have yearned to be seen and understood while in the depths of loss, read this beautifully written memoir, and you will feel lonely no longer.”

Nadine Kenney Johnstone, author of Of This Much I’m Sure, and host of Heart of the Story podcast

“From the opening paragraph, these pages hold readers in a gentle but firm grip. Peg Conway brings a striking blend of keen self-knowledge, profound empathy, and detective-like determination to her quest to piece together a more complete story of the reaches of unacknowledged grief. With unwavering honesty, she reveals her own humanness and how the ‘happy ending’ she’d grown up believing impacted her into adulthood.”

Jena Schwartz, writing coach and author of Why I Was Late for Our Meeting

“With the loss of her mother, Peg Conway was thrust into a childhood where she was forced to grow up too fast and feel too little. In The Art of Reassembly she guides the reader through the journey, driven by the desire to nurture those around her, of learning to nurture herself. This book will be loved by all who have experienced the necessity of reparenting oneself in order to build the family they’ve always dreamed of.”

Ashleigh Renard, author of Swing

Writing and Speaking

Writing is a practice I use to explore all of life’s moments and passages — as a motherless daughter, as a birthing woman, as a parent, and simply as a reflective person who asks a lot of questions and seeks to live authentically.

Recently my writing has spiraled back to my mom’s death when I was seven, through excavation of emotion, belated mourning, and finally to a degree of healing from telling the story. I learned that grieving children of all ages, and continuing into adulthood, need to feel seen and understood. I offer my words to inspire and guide the next step on your path of healing.

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Energy Healer - Peg Conway

I came to energy work rather unexpectedly and was quickly captivated after benefiting from its deep relaxation and then witnessing such powerful effects in others. As a Healing Touch practitioner, I help you create inner calm in the face of any storm, whether it’s anxiety, grief, or life transition; exhaustion from wearing many hats and caring for others, or the effects of cancer treatment, surgery, illness, or injury.

Drawn from many traditions around the globe, Healing Touch uses gentle techniques, with hands placed lightly on the body or just above. I offer individual sessions and group workshops, both at my office in Cincinnati and virtually. Clients lie on a massage table or sit in a chair (fully clothed).

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Peg has always gone the extra mile for me.  When I was diagnosed with Ménière’s Disease, she researched it so as to be able to meet my specific needs.  She listens intently, and for the time you are there, she is focussed on you and you alone.  I leave my sessions feeling healthier, happier, and peaceful.


I recently had a Healing Touch session with Peg Conway. Through the use of her hands, mostly a few inches above my body, stimulated energy fields and focused on the area of a recent surgery. The calming effects have been helpful in rebalancing my mental, spiritual and physical recovery.


I am a firm believer of Healing Touch!! A couple of weeks ago I experienced some distorted vision issues along with a bad headache while I was working at our food pantry, and it was enough to make me sit down and rest. Peg Conway was doing Healing Touch for our clients and offered it to me, and of course I said yes. I have experienced Healing Touch before and it always helped. I wasn’t sure how it would help my blurred vision and headache… but it did!!


Healing touch has given me a sense of the possible. Peg is such a gifted practitioner. When I leave each session I have a renewed feeling of peaceful but determined wellness.


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