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Peg Conway

Hi, I’m Peg. I wrote a memoir about early mother loss, and I practice an energy therapy called Healing Touch. I found my way on these paths of healing by following different threads of curiosity, and now I offer both my writing and energy healing sessions as tools to help other people with grieving and living. (More about Peg.)

Writing and Speaking

Writing is a practice I use to explore all of life’s moments and passages — as a motherless daughter, as a birthing woman, as a parent, and simply as a reflective person who asks a lot of questions and seeks to live authentically.

Recently my writing has spiraled back to my mom’s death when I was seven, through excavation of emotion, belated mourning, and finally to a degree of healing from telling the story. I learned that grieving children of all ages, and continuing into adulthood, need to feel seen and understood. I offer my words to inspire and guide the next step on your path of healing.

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Peg’s writing featured in:

Energy Healer - Peg Conway

I came to energy work rather unexpectedly and was quickly captivated after benefiting from its deep relaxation and then witnessing such powerful effects in others. As a Healing Touch practitioner, I help you create inner calm in the face of any storm, whether it’s anxiety, grief, or life transition; exhaustion from wearing many hats and caring for others, or the effects of cancer treatment, surgery, illness, or injury.

Drawn from many traditions around the globe, Healing Touch uses gentle techniques, with hands placed lightly on the body or just above. I offer individual sessions and group workshops, both at my office in Cincinnati and virtually. Clients lie on a massage table or sit in a chair (fully clothed).

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Healing touch has given me a sense of the possible. Peg is such a gifted practitioner. When I leave each session I have a renewed feeling of peaceful but determined wellness.


I am a firm believer of Healing Touch!! A couple of weeks ago I experienced some distorted vision issues along with a bad headache while I was working at our food pantry, and it was enough to make me sit down and rest. Peg Conway was doing Healing Touch for our clients and offered it to me, and of course I said yes. I have experienced Healing Touch before and it always helped. I wasn’t sure how it would help my blurred vision and headache… but it did!!


Peg has always gone the extra mile for me.  When I was diagnosed with Ménière’s Disease, she researched it so as to be able to meet my specific needs.  She listens intently, and for the time you are there, she is focussed on you and you alone.  I leave my sessions feeling healthier, happier, and peaceful.


I recently had a Healing Touch session with Peg Conway. Through the use of her hands, mostly a few inches above my body, stimulated energy fields and focused on the area of a recent surgery. The calming effects have been helpful in rebalancing my mental, spiritual and physical recovery.


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