How will you practice resurrection?

This arresting question was posed to me yesterday by Christine Valters Paintner, the online Abbess of the Arts, via her e-mail newsletter. It sparked an immediate, visceral desire to be outdoors on such a breezy, sunny spring afternoon, and I responded by taking Carly, our dog, to a nearby park.  We both enjoyed the physical exertion, hiking up and down the hilly paths.  The majestic views also provided me at least with spiritual invigoration (can’t speak for the dog on this aspect).   In the process, I discovered “movement” as my practice of resurrection.  At a very basic level, I optimize my overall health when I am active, working out at the gym and outdoors on a regular basis.  Too often I disregard this fundamental wisdom.  My practice of resurrection also must include mental movement; paradoxically, this means thinking less and acting more, moving forward on projects trusting intuition rather than hanging back, gripped by doubt.  Finally, I need movement in my environment as part of this practice of resurrection.  Not sure if it is cause or effect, but increasingly I’m aware that stuff weighs me down, impeding movement of body and especially of mind. Clearing off the kitchen counters or office work surfaces inevitably renews my energy for other tasks.  It’s time to liberate less obvious areas like shelving, closets and drawers.  How will you practice resurrection?