The prayer below touched me very much at the conclusion of our son’s graduation from Loyola University Chicago as part of the university president’s blessing.  He acknowledged the parents and invited us to stand and extend our arms over the graduates as we recited it together, a gesture so familiar from years of RCIA rites during mass at our parish yet unexpected in this setting.  I have written before about the importance of marking transitions with conscious gestures, and this moment provided such an opportunity.

Prayer for Our Graduates

May God bless you and sustain you
on this your graduation day.

May the Creator of this vast universe
keep you safe as you go forth
from this place that has nourished your mind
and your soul.

May the Almighty look down upon you and give you
success in all your endeavors,
courage in all your struggles and challenges,
understanding in all that is new to you,
wisdom to choose what is right and do what is good,
perseverance in all you undertake,
serenity and peace in the knowledge that
you are not alone, that you are loved.

May the Lord of All look kindly upon you
this day and forever.