Healing Touch practitioners have always offered virtual healing sessions while in a separate physical space from the client, but Covid-19 brought a new focus on this approach. For example, some clients prefer virtual sessions because of underlying health risks for the virus.

Virtual healing sessions unfold much the same as an in-person session, despite being in different locations. Here is how the process works in my practice:

You schedule an appointment with me. I will confirm by email and provide the payment link as well as any required forms to complete in advance.

At the scheduled time, you and I communicate about your needs and desires for the session. With a first-time client, this conversation will be more extensive. We can talk on the phone or via video chat.

I invite you to find a comfortable place where you can lie down undisturbed, such as a couch or bed, and guide you verbally to begin entering a relaxed state. Then we end the conversation and the electronic connection.

In my healing space, I proceed with the session, assessing your energy and choosing techniques based on this information and my intuitive sense. I use visualization and intention to connect with you at an energetic level.

I communicate with you by whatever method we agreed on when I have finished the session. Clients often prefer to stay quiet and relaxed for a while afterward rather than respond immediately.

Photo by Dan Gold via Unsplash