Peg Conway - Writing

Writing has been my way to explore all of life’s moments and passages — as a motherless daughter, as a birthing woman, as a parent, and simply as a reflective person who asks a lot of questions and seeks to live authentically. I offer my words to inspire and guide your personal path. My published writings are listed below.


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My mom’s death from breast cancer when I was seven sat rather placidly within the timeline of my life until hidden grief erupted in my mid-20s. Soon after, marriage and parenting led me down a spiraling path of confronting my wounds over and over until gradual healing caught me by surprise as our children grew. I put mother loss behind me – or so I thought. Then I discovered its effects actually permeate my entire life, and I began writing about it. My memoir of early mother loss will be published in 2021.

Lying Fallow to Move Forward

Brevity’s Nonfiction Blog; August 11, 2020
Using visual arts to overcome feeling “stuck”.

Wisdom for Widowed Dads of Daughters

Cincinnati Enquirer; June 21, 2020
How dads can support their motherless daughters through loss long-term.

Less Is More: Grief and Personal Ritual in a Pandemic

Elephant Journal; April 6, 2020
Coping with multiple layers of loss while isolated.


Manifest-Station; November 18, 2019
Excavating the origins in childhood loss of one triggered moment in midlife.

Grief Was Like a Bully, Until I Made it My Friend

The Mighty; February 22, 2018
Grappling with childhood grief throughout the life cycle, recalibrating the relationship at different milestones.

Mother Loss and Delayed Grieving

Soul Work for Moms podcast; June 6, 2016
Interview about healing childhood loss through motherhood.

A Shattered Spirit

America magazine; December 1995
Reflecting as a young mother on grieving as an adult the loss of my mother during childhood.

My initial introduction to energy healing prompted interest in people who were practicing it in my community.

Nurturing Self-Care for All

Energy magazine online, July-August 2015
Feature story about local non-profit providing holistic healing. Excerpt here.

My spiritual writing was long drawn from the Catholic faith of my origins. Then something began to shift several years ago. As writing allowed me to hear my own voice more and more, finally it called me to contemplative practice outside any church.

Less Is More: Grief and Personal Ritual in a Pandemic

Elephant Journal, April 6, 2020
Coping with multiple layers of loss while isolated.

Trusting the Path

Abbey of the Arts blog, Monk in the World series; January 2014
Reflecting on the experience of being a volunteer at a food pantry.

Why Bother with Lent?

Th US Catholic magazine (blog), March 2011
Discerning authentic practice for spiritual growth.

A Modest Wedding Proposal

US Catholic magazine (print), November 2006
Critiques contemporary wedding culture and suggests ways to reclaim the spiritual meaning of wedding ceremonies.
Award of Merit recipient from the Associated Church Press in the Department category, 2006

Giving birth to our children was transformative for me, in contrast to the way it is often portrayed in the culture, and I want to create a different conversation.

Mapping Our Births

Guiding Star Project, September 2013
Discussing how to tell birth stories in a way that is uplifting and positive.

Hidden Seeds in Laudato Si

Feminism and Religion blog, July 25, 2015
Response to the pope’s environment encyclical, exploring use of female and birth images in the text.